​Granite is the signature rock of the planet Earth, a natural beauty full of curiosities. Granite is made of large mineral grains that fit tightly together, and it consists of the mineral quartz and feldspar with or without a wide variety of other minerals. Almost all granite is igneous (solidified from a fluid state) and plutonic (from magma cooled and solidified below the surface of the Earth ). Depending on the exact combination of the minerals within the granite, its color can range from very light to a very dark gray, almost black. The color of the constituent minerals determines the color of the granite. Quartz, for instance, occurs in a range of shades from yellowish-white to pink; a high proportion of quartz will produce a light granite dominated by one of these colors. Darker granite may contain a concentration of hornblende or mica. Because the proportions of minerals vary from place to place, no two quarries will produce granite that looks identical. So you may ask yourself, "Why should I go with granite?" Well, there are many advantages and benefits to having granite countertops.

1.  Granite is a natural beauty, with unique formations that will never be duplicated. Being a natural stone, the granite can stand extremes temperatures, either hot or cold. It is resistant to surface scratches, and in fact, even has the ability to dull knives.

2.  Granite is a product of Mother Nature! Because it is a natural product formed deep within our Earth's crust, naturally, it's a more environmentally friendly choice.

3.  Granite is very hygienic. Natural stone does not harbor bacteria, making it a perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms and tabletops.

4.  Natural stone can stand the test of time. Granite is something that you will have through your whole life and through the life of your home; it will never get old! The strength and durability of natural stone is evident when considering structures built by ancient Roman civilizations that are still standing today!

5.  Because of the timeless beauty of natural stone, it will never need to be upgraded or replaced. Natural stone works well with any design scheme, from traditional to ultra-modern. When granite is properly sealed, it will be stain resistant under normal, everyday use, and it will require very little maintenance and attention once it has been installed and sealed properly.

6.  Contrary to common belief, natural stone is now more affordable than most other surfaces. Now everyone can enjoy the immense beauty of natural stone! So what are you waiting for? Come check it out! It's the best product on the planet, and Island Granite will give you the best deal around!



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